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Capulet essays

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Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet essays

Business Plan Template Free Download. Writing a business plan can seem like a big task, especially if youíre starting a business for the first time and donít have a financial background. Capulet! Even if you do have some experience, getting a refresher on wallpaper africa what a modern business plan template looks like is always a good idea. Capulet Essays! After all, business plan templates have changed over the years, and what lenders and investors expect now is different than it was even just 10 years ago. Racism Justice! Thatís why weíre sharing our investor-approved business plan template. This template has been used by essays universities such as Princeton and Babson to teach entrepreneurs how to start businesses. Itís also been used by fashion institute of technology essay over 500,000 businesses to write business plans for bank loans, venture capital and angel investments, business expansion, and even business sales. Itís a proven template that works and essays, will help you get a jump-start right away, saving you critical time and racism system essay, making the essays, business planning process much easier.

You can see the template below or you can download it as a Word document using the form on the right side of this page. The outline of our business plan template appears below. It is system essay, simplified a bit for this page, so we encourage you to download the essays, Word version to my self image, get instructions for essays each section, as well as a cover page, table of contents, legal disclaimer, and more. Executive Summary Opportunity Problem Summary Solution Summary Market Summary Competition Overview Why Us? Expectations Forecast Financial Highlights by Year [chart] Financing Needed Opportunity Problem Solution Problem Worth Solving Our Solution Target Market Competition Current Alternatives Our Advantages Execution Marketing Sales Marketing Plan Sales Plan Operations Locations Facilities Technology Equipment Tools Milestones Metrics Milestones Table Key Metrics Company Overview Team Management Team Advisors Financial Plan Forecast Key Assumptions Revenue by essay questions Month [chart] Expenses by Month [chart] Net Profit (or Loss) by capulet essays Year [chart] Financing Use of Funds Sources of Funds Statements Projected Profit Loss Projected Balance Sheet Projected Cash Flow Statement Appendix Monthly Financial Forecasts Additional Documentation. Need more help writing a business plan? If youíre looking for fashion of technology admissions more than a business plan template, weíve got plenty of additional resources to help you: Check out capulet our step-by-step guide to writing a business plan. Our guide has detailed instructions, and takes you through the planning process from justice system essay, start to finish.

If you want to see real business plans from other companies, take a look at essays our library of sample business plans. There are over 500 example plans in our library, so thereís a good chance you can find one similar to your business. There are also software packages that can help take the pain out of business planning. Our recommendation is to institute essay, check out capulet LivePlan. It includes complete financial forecasting (no spreadsheets required), pitch presentations, and more. If youíre still stuck, you can always hire an expert to thesis vs, help you with your business plan. Why you should start with a business plan template: With all the options available for essays business planning, is a template the best place to start?

A good business plan template can help you get your thoughts organized. It can provide a guideline, so that youíre not stuck looking at a blank page trying to figure out research papers where to start. Plus, it can show you the capulet essays, general layout of a standard business plan. A great business plan template will also provide instructions for each step of your plan and show you what an investor-ready and SBA-approved business plan should look like. There are tons of free business plan templates available (including the one you can download right here on this page). You can also find business plan templates specific to your industry by racism criminal essay searching our sample business plan library. However, be carefulóthere are lots of people out there who will try and charge you for a template. Donít get tricked into paying for one when there are so many free templates available that will help you get started on your business plan.

If you need more than a free, simple template can provide, look into online business planning solutions like LivePlan, which provides more help and customization options than any template can. Why NOT to use a business plan template: While there are benefits to using a business plan template, depending on your situation it may not be the absolute best way to complete your plan. There is still going to be a lot of work involvedófor instance, not only capulet essays, do you have to complete the financial spreadsheets, but you have to do all the math yourself. Youíll also have to know enough about the process to be sure youíre getting all the numbers in the right places. And typically, there are limited instructions to go along with a free template, so if you donít already know what youíre doing with the happiness, numbers, the process of writing your business plan isnít going to be that much easier with a template. Finally, merging data from Excel spreadsheets into essays, your Word document is harder than it looks. Essay! Itís not easy to keep everything completely up-to-date as you make changes to your numbers, and essays, integrating the statement online education vs, right charts and graphs into your business plan is harder than it seems.

However, if youíre new to capulet essays, business planning and just want to my self image, get a sense of what a plan looks like and want to get the process started quickly (and cheaply!), then downloading a free template is a great way to get started. If this template or any of the capulet, other business plan templates we have here on Bplans doesnít give you the flexibility and papers, guidance you need to capulet essays, finish your business plan, you might want to take a look at business plan software. Good software will include step-by-step guidance, video tutorials, automatic financial forecasting, automatic formatting, and chart creation, plus much more. Thesis! In our studies, weíve found that good software can save hundreds of hours of work compared to essays, building a plan in Word and Excel. So, if using software is the right fit for you, you can spend more time starting your business and less time planning.

If you have any business plan questions, please feel free to ask our business plan experts on image Twitter or Facebook. Capulet! Need a faster way to write your business plan? LivePlan is the #1 planning tool for over. Your download should begin immediately. If your download does not start, click here. To view our entire gallery of free downloads, click here. I just downloaded a free business plan template from happiness,! #smb #startup. Join the conversation, and never miss an update. Follow Bplans for daily advice on how to fund, start, run, and essays, grow your business: How to Write a Business Plan.

Common Business Plan Mistakes. Need a faster way to write your business plan? Liveplan is the essay questions, #1 planning tool for over. Bplans is owned and essays, operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. 1996 - 2017 Palo Alto Software.

All Rights Reserved | We're Hiring! Try the wallpaper, #1 business planning software risk-free for 60 days. No contract, no risk. Built for entrepreneurs like you. Capulet Essays! No contract, no risk.

Built for entrepreneurs like you.

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Romeo and Juliet: The Characteristics of Lord Capulet Essay Example

The .pdf Resume ó Does It Help or Hurt Your Job Search? .pdf stands for portable document format. It allows resumes to be opened on different systems without formatting glitches and it prevents anyone from making unauthorized changes to the document. In other words, .pdf gives users total control of their resumes. And donít we often dream about having total control? The problem is, total control, in any aspect of life, tends to capulet choke the vitality out of whatever a person attempts to essay control. Thatís certainly the case with resumes. While a .doc resume is a living, breathing, interactive document, a .pdf resume isnít. The ďpro-control, proópdfĒ argument often contains an implicit or explicit assumption that other people, whoever they are, might change a resume in essays, some sort of nefarious, damaging manner.

Consider this ó maybe there are people who want to help your career by improving your resume. As a search consultant, I might: Ask you about a piece of missing information and then add it to racism your resume (clearly highlighted as my addition) because I know my client wants to see it. Capulet. Notice a question your resume raises but doesnít answer. Admissions Essay. I ask you about it and capulet, note the fashion admissions essay, answer (again, clearly highlighted as my addition) on your resume. Add a comment about something I particularly like. Etc. If you have sent me an interactive .doc resume, I can annotate it to improve my clientís understanding of your background. If you have sent me a locked up .pdf file, youíve tied my hands and prevented me from capulet, helping you. Now I have to ask you for a Microsoft Word resume (again) and then come back to my mission of for sale, helping you after I receive it.

Later. After my attention has shifted. I donít send my clients candidatesí resume that are incomplete by their standards. Itís my job to anticipate and answer their questions. They need to be able to look at your resume once and make an interview/no interview decision. Done. Final.

Move on capulet, to the next step in the process. When the Recruiter Gets a .pdf Resume after Asking for a Word Resume. One more thing, when recruiters specifically ask for .doc resumes and they get .pdf resumes, you can be sure they make negative assumptions about the sender. They wonder about topics such as: Cooperation. Attention to detail. Willingness to respect processes. Please think about what Iíve written the next time youíre deciding which type of resume format to use. Oh, and that ďtotal controlĒ thing? Just an illusion.

Check out the my self essay, comments below. Note: This post has upset some readers. I welcome your comments. Kindly keep them constructive and within the bleeding edge of civil discourse. I write executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Save time. Capulet Essays. Get hired.

Email me at racism system essay, for more information. Updated June 2017. Do employers looking to hire graphic designers still want a plain Word document as a resume though? Is this the exception? Thatís a terrific question. I have only recruited one graphic designer in my career so Iím not an expert (at all).

On that search, I wanted to have easy access to portfolios and I cared a great deal both about capulet essays, how they were presented and the work samples they contained. I also wanted to understand if the essay, work samples were solo or team creations. Where they were team creations, I wanted to know which elements the applicant had handled. As to your resume, I think it probably is an exception to the ďrule.Ē I put rule in quotation marks there because the real rule is to know the norms if youíre in a specialized market and then use your judgment as to the best way to present yourself. I would love to hear what people who read graphic designersí resumes and then make go/no interview decisions on capulet, applicants have to say about this.

Thank you for asking Jenn. I believe that we would definitely be an exception to that rule. Best. Comment. Ever. I really value your perspective on things, so I hesitate to comment on this advice.

It is good advice, as your blog is the gold standard on how to do things the right way. I think the job seeker should know the whole story before deciding to fashion institute avoid .pdf altogether. The .doc or .docx format should be good enough for capulet any resume submission, so it may be a moot point anyway. When an agency recruiter asks for a resume in a MS-Word or compatible format, assume it will be edited. Most of the education, time, the job seekerís personal information will be edited out and the agency contact information substituted in its place.

This is to prevent an unscrupulous company from capulet essays, going directly to you rather than through your chosen agent. There should be no problem with this concept since the essay questions, 3rd-party recruiter has your best interests at heart and should be trusted to present your qualifications to their client in essays, the best light. The key: Donít send an editable resume to essay anyone you donít trust. Large companies with an applicant tracking system should be able to handle any format submitted, including .pdf. Most Applicant Tracking Systems can parse data into capulet essays searchable fields in the database. Job seekers should be concerned that their resumes are readable after submission, and most of the my self image essay, good ATS systems will let you review it. If bullets and essays, other resume parts look like Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, you may want to send a plain .txt file. You spend a lot of time making the resume perfect, so donít let an ATS make you look bad. The bottom line is that it really is essay about trusting a bit of yourself to capulet the people who will receive an electronic version of your resume. Send a .doc, .docx, or .rtf formatted file and forget it.

If you donít trust them, you shouldnít be applying there anyway. First, aw shucks, gosh, THANK YOU! Next, youíre right, trust is the key. Iím always saddened when I see blanket advice to distrust everyone and always send a PDF resume. Hence this post.

Thank you for essay adding this critical point and refinement to my post. We all really write a much better post together than any one person can do alone. Take home message: If employers ask for a resume in Word format, send íem one. OK, Iíll do that. Capulet. Otherwise itís PDF. There are a couple of important reasons why I am not fully in for sale in south africa, agreement with this viewpoint. Having been a Recruiter myself in Canadaís premiere firm specializing only in retail and as a retailer I am not in agreement with the following: ďmaybe they are people who want to help your career by improving your resume. As a recruiter, when I read a resume, I might want to add a piece of missing information. Ē A recruiterís role is capulet not to change or edit a candidateís resume and in fact, it is considered unethical to do so. Institute Essay. This is essays personal information and only the candidate should edit their info or a specialized resume writerÖ.with the for sale africa, candidateís permission. We can coach candidates to produce resumes that are more impactful from a format and content perspective, but to actually play in capulet essays, them is a not the right approach. Secondly Ė the reason most firms require Word format from the candidate is for wallpaper for sale africa the purpose of of watermarking their firmís logo when presenting the resume to a client company.

We always watermark then PDF the resume received and then send to the client along with the profile notes. The PDF is not dead: it is essays a locked document preserving the integrity of the information and privacy. Thank you for wallpaper africa adding another perspective. Clients hire me for, among other things, my judgment. Itís my job to capulet essays anticipate and answer their questions about candidatesí resumes and to fill in missing pieces of happiness, information.

The resume isnít a pass/fail exam. Itís a decision support document. If I can make it more informative, I do. When I annotate resumes, I add my notes in capulet, red and type ďAnnotations in RedĒ at the top of the resume. Wallpaper For Sale Africa. That way my client can distinguish between my additions and the original text. Also, I work on exclusive, retained searches. Thus, I have no need to watermark resumes. Given what you and Tom Bolt have added here, Iím thinking about writing a post about the essays, different types of essay, search firms and the different types of exclusivity arrangements that companies and their recruiters use. See: 5 Ways Job Seekers Can Vet Recruiters Good post, Donna.

Another issue that Iíve heard is essays that, although the happiness, major ATS systems can scan PDFs, not all of them can. Or they can import text from Word, but need to do OCR on PDF. Whatís your experience with this? Thanks for another thoughtful post. What Applicant Tracking Systems will and wonít do varies by system. The consensus seems to capulet be that a .doc file is the safest way to submit a resume to an ATS. Happiness Research. Then again, the capulet essays, even more effective answer is, ďFind a human who can get your resume to the hiring manager.Ē Thank you for your kind words.

Itís always nice to see you online! Thanks for happiness research papers sharing insider views. My question might be a bit technical: do search firms have Acrobat Pro or only essays, Reader for my self image processing PDFs? If the former is essays typically used, then one wonít have to worry about not being to annotate or watermark. Interesting question.

Iím sure it varies by firm with many (most?) only using the reader. But what youíre also saying is that PDF is justice not the assurance of TOTAL CONTROL that just about everyone thinks it is. Come on, this is a joke. Recruiters need the CV in Word format so that they can remove the contact information and prevent the recruiter to contact the capulet essays, candidate directly. As simple as that. That certainly happens. Wallpaper For Sale Africa. But itís not the only reason recruiters want MS Word resumes (see blog post above).

Itís a good idea to know your recruiter and capulet essays, their reputation before sending them your resume. See: 5 Ways Job Seekers Can Vet Recruiters (written 6/3/13). If you canít trust them, why would you share your resume with them? Beyond that, do you really want to in anatomy work for a company that would work with an unethical recruiter or one that would try to essays beat a recruiter out of a valid fee? If theyíre not fair with recruiters, theyíre not going to be fair with you either. You CAN comment within PDF resumes as well.

If you are working with a recruiter, or with a company who is submitting your bid as a part of a proposal response, sending a Word resume is important, and in thesis statement online education, turn, the recruiter has an obligation to capulet essays consult with you on any substantive changes. (Some donít, and racism system, thereby can involve you in telling an capulet essays, untruth about your experience, if they word-spin to get a match and thereby introduce inaccuracies.) If you are sending your resume directlty to the hiring organization, pdf would be the sensible format to use, because it controls how your resume will appear at the far end. In Anatomy. pdf is the right choice in essays, any situation where you want to lock in exactly what you formatted and said. Good to see you! Thank you for your perspective. On the questions, internal part, remember that internal recruiters support hiring managers in their decision processes. Thus, they like to essays annotate resumes also. Itís very helpful to have all the information on one document. A PDF isnít always about preventing others from making edits, it can also be used to ensure the recruiter sees the document as it was meant to be viewed. A PDF maintains the original documentís format and font, something Microsoft Word canít always deliver.

Depending on the reader used (Adobe Reader or other), the recruiter can make comments or notes and annotations. I do agree however that if the happiness, request is for essays a particular format, such as a Word .doc or .docx file, that is in south africa what you should submit. OK. So here I am, Joe Recruiter. This email comes sailing in.

If the resume attachment is in Word, I can open the file, call the essays, candidate, and take notes as we talk. Seamless. If itís a PDF file, I canít just open a writable file, I have to happiness open it in Adobe Reader, which Iíve never done, so I have to capulet Google how to do that and fiddle around, then I can call the candidate, and take notes as we talk. In Anatomy. Because when I just open the file, the thing is not editable. Itís an annoying, dead, non-interactive file. Thoughts? Reasons why recruiters should have to learn something new to deal with someoneís resume. ďHi, Iím Joe Candidate, and the first thing Iím going to expect from you is that you learn something new and change.Ē Thatís great if youíre an 11 on capulet essays, the clientís scale of 1 to 10 but, if youíre an 8, it wonít you get far with most recruiters.

Just sayiní. Thank you for your comment. Africa. I know itís well intentioned and it gave me a platform to talk about not only writing your resume to your audience but making sure that your audience can use your resume once you send it to capulet them. Iím in thesis statement education vs, agreement with Christina, Jennifer, and Stephanie here Ė the essays, integrity of the original document is my self image essay a higher priority to me than the ability of a third party to make edits without my agreement. Capulet. If Iím sending a resume to a company you can bet that Iím using a .pdf format, as itís the only way for me to be (reasonably) sure that what I see on my monitor is what theyíll see on my self, theirs. As a career advisor Iíd never advise a client to send their application documents to a company using something other than .pdf unless the posting explicitly requested something different, for capulet that very reason. I can understand how certain recruitment contexts might suggest otherwise, but that hardly warrants this postís black/white title. Plus Ė adding comments and the like on Adobe Acrobat is simple, as Mike suggested Ė certainly no more complicated than MS Word. Lastly, if interactivity is the basis of your argument for MS Word, why not suggest google docs? Thank you for your comment. Essay Questions In Anatomy. Google Docs would be a terrific idea if it was in nearly universal use.

Just like PDF files would be great if they were in nearly universal use and everyone knew how to mark them up. Also, applicants would benefit from capulet, getting real with the idea that the people who read their resumes might (very high likelihood of this) find them deficient in some way and choose to add information to them. Weíre not talking about taking information away. Weíre talking about adding it. Truthful information. Helpful information.

We donít write, ďThis applicant sucks,Ē on resumes. We just donít forward that applicantís resume to thesis statement the hiring manager. Frankly, if I could only capulet, use resumes exactly as I receive them, most applicants wouldnít get interviewed. These arenít the thesis statement online education vs, Dead Sea Scrolls. Capulet. Theyíre working documents. Institute Of Technology Admissions Essay. Applicants might not want them to be working documents, or might not understand that theyíre working documents, but they are. Capulet Essays. Iím suggesting that applicants make it easy for the people who read their resumes to help them. Besides, this safety factor? False sense of security. I can always convert a PDF into a Word file and mess with it however I want. And I mean ďhowever I wantĒ in a good way.

Iíd just rather receive the Word file in the first place. As a candidate who has worked with many recruiters, I DO NOT WANT YOU MAKING UNAUTHORIZED CHANGES TO MY RESUME. These are my skills, my experience. I will be interviewing with the client, not you. What I do appreciated is your feedback. If you see a deficiency in my Resume, TELL ME about it.

I will fix it. If there are certain skills or technologies you think should be highlighted for happiness papers this particular client, TELL ME. But remember, if I have to change my resume in a significant way, the essays, job is probably not well suited to me. I understand that youíll want to racism justice system essay prevent the client from contacting me directly to cut you out of the picture, and for that reason, Iíll send you the Word file you request (as converted from the original Pages, Google Docs, or OpenOffice file), but only when you specifically request it and when you have talked to me about the role. Making the changes you are talking about are most definitely unethical. I would never work with a recruiter doing that. Capulet. And remember, when I interview with the client, I bring my own copy of criminal system essay, my resume and we can compare. We will both be aware of your modifications, and they will reflect poorly on you and I. Thank you for capulet your perspective. Let me suggest that we draw a distinction between ďchangesĒ and image, ďadditions.Ē Iím not ďchangingĒ what you wrote about yourself. Capulet Essays. Iím adding additional information and fashion institute essay, my own comments.

Iím sorry that you had a bad experience with a recruiter, but consider how you let it affect your future relationships with recruiters. Do you really want to stand out essays as (1) needing this much control and racism criminal justice, (2) demonstrating that you can be difficult to essays work with? Recruiters notice how easy or difficult applicants are to work with. Papers. We know that youíre being as cooperative and essays, collaborative as youíll ever be on essay, the job during the hiring process. These types of behaviors are HUGE tells for us. If we find you difficult to work with, we tell our clients. That usually immediately removes a candidate from capulet essays, further consideration.

One more thing, itís not uncommon for recruiters, especially at more senior levels, to wallpaper africa not even present your resume to essays their clients. They draft a brief about you and submit that. Letís get past the idea of resume as magical document and system, work together to see if youíre a good fit for the job at hand or not. That often involves letting go of a little control. The brief is great. Itís clearly a document written by the recruiter and presented by the client. It should have all the additions and other information youíve mentioned (and the results of capulet essays, reference checks that you have done). But the wallpaper for sale in south, Resume is different. It is a document created by the candidate to reflect their skills and capulet essays, experience.

If the recruiter has to make changes (especially without the candidateís specific approval and input), thereís a much larger chance that youíre putting them in the wrong role. Nobody appreciates being setup for failure. As far as recruiters not submitting me for questions in anatomy roles, I have never had that problem. I live in a market that is well served by recruiters and I have them competing on an hour-to-hour basis to bring new roles to my attention so they can submit me (I work with a number of recruiters and generally go with the first one to capulet bring a role to my attention). Thesis Statement Vs. Most recruiters know that they facilitate a transaction that could easily take place without them. They need to add value to the process to capulet survive. Recently, a recruiter came to my self image me with a good role with a great company.

The company hires many people with my skill set and has a very good reputation. The role that they were hiring for was asking for a specific technology that I know, but isnít my strongest selling point. Capulet. The recruiter asked me to adjust my resume to questions bring this technology to the forefront. I thought about it and capulet, declined, because emphasizing a second-level skill (or exaggerating) would take away from my overall resume and system essay, start me off on capulet essays, the wrong foot. Essay. I am better off waiting until they have an opening more suited to capulet essays my top-level skills. Youíre lucky to have a skill set thatís in high demand Daniel. Image. Donna. Daniel said elegantly what I was going to. Capulet. Your responses were defensive at best.

You should not be adding anything to a resume, either. My resume should be only essay, mine. If youíre making a brief or it, or adding information, do it separately. What is in essays, my resume is happiness research what I want to show the capulet, world, and how I want it. If youíre not comfortable with the quality or content, talk to me or move on. Racism. Anything you do to change it is essays misrepresenting me, be it adding or modifying data. Send your own notes independently. Iíve had a lousy recruiter change my resume. The employer I spoke about certain experience, and thesis education, when I said it was minimal, they said my resume highlighted it.

I checked what I sent to that staffer, and there was barely a mention of it. They insisted they did not change it. Capulet. This was the statement online education, last time I sent a recruiter a Word copy of capulet essays, my resume, and thesis online, it will be any time I deal with recruiters in the future. Too many recruiters are trash. Another told me to take a job and not tell them I had barely any of the skill they wanted, and just get up to essays speed quickly. If youíre not one of the ďbadĒ ones, great- but there are too many that give your profession a bad name, and thesis education vs, until thereís less unethical practices in the field, telling others that the way they protect their interests is not needed is misguided. Thanks J. I actually send my clients both the original and the annotated resumes. And yes, Iíve found some of these remarks personally offensive. Essays. I deleted one that added nothing to the conversation and left the rest up because theyíre shining an interesting light into the relationship between recruiters and candidates.

Whatís becoming more interesting to me here than the justice, format of a resume is the vitriol directed toward the recruiting community. Candidates now have more power than ever to vet recruiters before they send their resumes off to essays them. Are people checking recruitersí LinkedIn profiles to happiness papers see what type of backgrounds and essays, recommendations they have? I put my LinkedIn profile URL on thesis statement online, my job postings so applicants can see exactly where their resume is going. No one has to swim with bottom feeders. If youíve run into ďlousyĒ recruiters, perhaps itís because you havenít done your homework. And Iíll ask again, why would anyone want to work for a company that hires a recruiter that candidates canít trust? If you canít trust their representative, why would you trust them? 5 Ways Job Seekers Can Vet Recruiters (written 6/3/13). Please see Drew Tewellís 6/4/13 comment on this post. He sums it all up quite well.

I have been an essays, executive recruiter for racism 20 years and I have never changed a candidateís CV or resume. My candidates all have either a PhD or a MD, as I recruit for the biotech pharma niche. Capulet Essays. I think if my candidate with a PhD in Chemistry from education, Harvard canít get his CV right on his own then he is not a good candidate for essays my client. Of course we all make typos and I will occasionally point these out. Justice Essay. As for filling in missing information, I write a report for essays each candidate I submit with all my thoughts- both pro and con. As a client I would not like to see a resume marked all over with red comments as it is too distracting. It also mentally would conjure a negative picture.( Think red marks on a test from your teacher). Criminal System Essay. We donít want a candidate to start off on first glance with a negative image, do we? Itís good to see you here. Interesting, I donít point typos out to candidates and I donít ďfixĒ their typos in capulet essays, any way.

Thatís data about how closely they copy edit important documents before they go out the door. For Sale In South. I want my clients to see those typos and determine whether or not they matter to them. My comments do things like document the candidateís explanation of a gap in his/her job history, list current salary and bonus as provided by the candidate, document the candidateís explanation of essays, why they left a job, etc. Happiness. As to the color red, it provides a sharp contrast and thus clearly shows the information Iíve added to essays the resume. Questions In Anatomy. Iíve tried green and capulet, blue but they donít pop as well. Essay. Remember, I also send a clean copy of the resume to my client. Thus, they can choose to read either one or both. Beyond sourcing great candidates, my job is to develop and provide information to the hiring manager for decision support. If a candidateís resume doesnít provide all the information I know they want, or if it raises questions, itís my job to provide that information. Adding missing information to the face of a resume provides that information directly in context.

Itís also the most efficient way to convey the information. Essays. BTW, Iíve never had a client object to receiving an annotated resume ó and Iíve been recruiting since 1987. Hi Donna Ė When I first read this I was perplexed about why you or anyone else would want to make comments directly on a personís resume. I realize you are resume writer and thought perhaps that is how you provide edits back forth when working with clients. If so, that process wasnít obvious to meÖ

From the africa, perspective of a person submitting their resume in capulet, the context of applying for a position at a company and/or sending their resume to a 3rd party firm to questions be represented by that firm to the firmís client(s), I donít believe there would be a need for ANYONE to manipulate an applicantís resume. Aside from an capulet, agency presenting the resume content under their letterhead (blinding the my self essay, candidateís name and contact info) there would be no other reason to have an editable format. In fact, I would discourage anyone from typing or writing on a resume under consideration for an employment opportunity outside of the above purpose. If any modification is needed, the resume owner (applicant/candidate) should provide additional explanation, clarification or updates on the document itself or the inquiring party should note any comments on a separate page. Should there ever be a dispute about capulet essays, qualifications and/or hiring practices, the resume ďin useĒ would be considered evidence in any investigation and/or legal preceding. While a resume is image not considered a legal document in the same way that an employment application is, I do believe it should be left intact as submitted. Adding comments, notes, corrections or interpretations should not be necessary and I would strongly advise against this practice unless the capulet essays, resume owner is wallpaper for sale africa present and personally authorizing and initialing the changes to their information. As to essays whether PDF or MS Word is essay questions preferable, I would almost always recommend PDF unless specifically requested to send MS Word or PDF is not accepted by an ATS or other online system. As a person that includes limited, yet precise formatting in the resumes I prepare, PDF ensures that recipient is able to view the document as it was intended to appear. Because of different SW versions and/or operating systems, MS Word has far more room for being translated improperly or unattractively. Capulet Essays. And, even some printers will alter how the my self image, hard copy appears from the soft (screen) version.

Thanks for your commentÖhave you read through the comments that precede yours? Thereís been quite a conversation. Hopefully a detailed read will make things clearer. BTW, Iím both an executive search consultant (over 400 searches completed) and an executive resume writer. Iím a bit surprised that there isnít cleaner process for taking notes on a candidate other than writing them within Microsoft Word on the actual document. Capulet Essays. Maybe thereís an opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur to disrupt the wallpaper, industry #128578;

For my part the reason why I use PDF, and get frustrated when a Word document is asked for, is a similar reason to what Stephanie had mentioned earlier in the string. Formatting in capulet, Word is a nightmare, even if you know youíre way around fairly well. I actually use design editing software, InDesign, to build my resume though I am not a graphic design by in anatomy trade. It gives me better control, not over the security of the capulet essays, document, but to make sure it looks exactly the for sale in south, way I want. To Stephanieís point, PDF maintains that integrity. I do have a Word document backup with all of the same information. It doesnít quite fit right. The breaks donít flow as well. Itís not as balanced.

Itís not accurate to the perception of essays, myself that I want to get across to my self image essay employers. If you can make a resume ugly then you can certainly make it pretty (in a professional way of course). Thank you for your comment. MS Word can present some page break formatting challenges between systems. They donít bother me. I know that happens. For me, wanting MS Word documents really boils down to only wanting to look at one document and essays, having all the information needed for decision support in one place. Screens are getting smaller all the my self essay, time. Thus, itís often not convenient to look at more than one document at a time. Three axioms that will benefit any job search:

1.Vet the recruiter a little before you send your resume off into the ether. 2.Comply with the requested process. 3.Make sure an applicant tracking system can read whatever document you submit. I found a couple of your comments interesting: ďIf itís a PDF file, I canít just open the file, I have to open it in Adobe Reader, which Iíve never done, so I have to Google how to essays do that and fiddle aroundÖĒ. Thesis Statement Education. You should only have to double click the essays, attachment, just as you would a Word doc. Typically, Adobe Reader is a standard install on business computers. ďPDF files would be great if they were in nearly universal use and everyone knew how to mark them up.Ē True, not everyone knows how use the various features available, but PDFs are as universal as Word.

Adobe Reader is free, unlike Microsoft Word. With Word docs you always have to save them in a compatible format (.doc not .docx) to ensure the recipient can actually view the wallpaper in south africa, file. With a PDF, itís automatically readable in any version of essays, Reader; what you may lose are some of the questions in anatomy, newer features. Personally, Iíve found that the ďapplicant tracking systemsĒ invariably mess up the essays, formatting despite the file uploaded, both Word and PDF resume versions. Just my two cents, Thank you for commenting. Thereís no trouble opening the PDF format from an happiness research papers, email attachment with a double click. Itís readable that way. Capulet Essays. Itís just not markable. Hence my headline that itís ďdeadĒ ó as opposed to interactive. When you double click a Word file from email, itís readable and markable.

Iíve got to racism justice essay think that companies using applicant tracking systems care more about processing mountains of capulet, data at low cost than they care about formatting because youíre right, the online education vs, systems do mess up formatting. Having just been made redundant I started the rounds of capulet, visiting recruitment agencies and asked this very question Ė PDF or DOC(x)? The recruiterís reply was ďIn this tight market, recruiters are lazy, if I canít key word search the resume it goes to the bottom of my pile! Always write a resume tailored to for sale in south the specific role in the format requested. I donít want to or need to capulet do any extra work to accommodate the essay in anatomy, wrong formatĒ. Maybe its not a professional attitude but with possibly hundreds of applicant for a job, minor things will count against capulet, you. Essay In Anatomy. One thing I always do though is save each resume as a new file in a new directory before sending it out Ė I donít want anyone looking at the change history to capulet see what I applied for previously. Thank you for thesis vs this. We recruiters process volumes of data. We have systems.

We really appreciate people who cooperate with us, rather than wanting special, time consuming attention that takes us out of our flow. If someone needs special attention, itís at least a red flag to us. Worst case scenario, per what you wrote, itís an instant deal killer. Ouch! Do you think itís perfectly fine to send two copies of my resume? A PDF and a Doc one?

I totally agree with you that PDFs remove the essays, interactive side of things, but Iím also worried that a DOC resumeís format would appear differently on another computerÖ you know, different font, different alignment, etc. I donít want to mess it up. Dee, Yes. Perfectly fine. Terrific idea! Thank you, Donna.

It seems as if your only real argument here is that one cannot mark-up a PDF (which is actually not a completely true statement, depending on what version of Adobe you are utilizing). So what would you prefer to send to wallpaper for sale in south africa a job; a Word document that has weird underlining in it because the program lacks the ability to understand certain margins and spaces as stylistic choices (that is, of capulet, course, unless you create individual tables and tabs for everything) or a cleaner PDF document that has none of the my self, above? I guess making comments directly to the Word comment is a viable argument; however, as many have mentioned before, the basic Adobe contains a comment tool. I understand the point of someone wanting to edit the capulet essays, document, but really, how often would that happen unless youíre specifically sending it to someone who you know will likely edit it for you. In regards to automatic tracking systems, most of my self essay, them state the types of files that are acceptable and more times than not, will not accept an capulet, upload of an unacceptable file type.

Word documents saved/printed as a PDF always retain the racism criminal essay, full search-ability though. Moral of the story Ė Follow the directions and/or requests from the company or person you are sending your resume to? Hi Jan, Yes on ďmoral of the essays, story.Ē Thank you, Donna. What are your thoughts on receiving the PDF resume (the one that is thesis education meant to look good) and essays, receiving a plain text doc with no formatting (as it wonít look the same on research papers, my PC as your anyway)? Plain text docs are for essays computers, not people. I donít think you would get many recruiters to spend much time reading a plain text doc.

Iím a programmer and in anatomy, I work on essays, Linux machines only. I donít have Word. If someone wants to edit my resume they should ask me to do it and racism criminal system essay, I will happily oblige if I think itís an appropriate change. I DO NOT want recruiters changing my resume without telling me. The ethics of that are a bit grey. Letís flip the calendar back to capulet essays the days of hard copy resumes.

Would you object to a recruiter writing a clarifying note on image, your resume? Thatís all Iím talking about. I donít change anything. I add comments that help my clients understand what theyíre reading. I can only speak for my career experience but I have found that recruiters only want Word versions so they can strip out contact information preventing you from being contacted directly (thereby negating the need for the recruiter) One very recent and very clear example of this was: 1) Applied for a job (senior exec, global brand bank) 2) Sent my CV (pdf) 3) Recruiter asked for a word version ďbecause the formatting was coming out wrongĒ. I knew this not to essays be true but the of technology admissions essay, role was very attractive so I complied. 4) Got through to capulet the final panel interview where they had my CV throughout with the agency covering sheet and the only thing that was missing was my contact information, including my LinkedIn URL (they were kind enough to provide me a copy at the end of the racism criminal justice, process which I checked forensically) Interestingly, the capulet, entire panel had checked out my LinkedIn profile anyway (thanks to the whoís looking component) from which spawned a LOT of questions.

Theyíd even reached out to thesis statement vs former colleagues and acquaintances whom we shared connections to help validate career delivery claims so it was a very interesting new dynamic. Ultimately, I turned down the capulet essays, job because it was more promise than guarantee of delivery but it did prove one thing. Whether a resume is a PDF or Word doc over the long term, it doesnít really matter as itís about the happiness papers, content and capulet essays, what you can offer. Over time, personally, I think a CV ďdocumentĒ as a concept will slowly fade into essay in anatomy use by niche use cases. Capulet. This view opinion is largely fueled by that last interview and racism justice system essay, the likes of essays, services such as LinkedIn, websites and other (emerging) social media avenues such as Klout which combines public and private information which can can get supported and endorsed.

Itíll be interesting to see what happens in thesis, coming generations. Thank you Dean. LinkedIn is the ďgo toĒ place for essays checking people out. Thatís why itís good to have a profile thatís even more compelling than your resume. LinkedIn is a great place to do Resume+. I have hired MANY marketing assistants and coordinators over my career.

Iím always shocked when someone submits a Word resume to me. Racism System Essay. The first thing I do is reveal hidden formatting and see exactly how they formatted that resume. You would be surprised how many people use tabs, hard returns and capulet, spaces to format. I rarely see anyone properly using styles in their resume. To me, these are not proficient Word users. Happiness Papers. I wonít interview these people. Capulet Essays. These positions require a high level of computer knowledge, and if you canít properly format a resume, you canít do this job. At least with a PDF they can hide those flaws for wallpaper in south a while. Interesting Margaret. Given this, I would think that you would specifically request a Word resume. #128578; Donna.

I work in the communitacions area and I design my resume using InDesing. As someone said before it allows me to design it in essays, ways word cant. For me word is too limited, but I do have a simple version in word. Essay Questions. However, Iíve never been asked for it. Capulet Essays. And I hope they dont. It looks too plain for me, while my indesing version shows more of my personality and taste. Also, I find funny you call PDF not interactive.

The way I do it, most info in my pdf resume is hyperlinked, which means if you click my university info you go to my faculty web page, if you click my twitter info, it takes you to my twitterÖsame with my blog, companies ive worked for, proyectsÖ If you ask for my word version you will be missing a lot about essay questions in anatomy, me just for the shake of your innconvenience adding comments in pdf, which can be done (as said in other comments) I hope I donít come up as rude (english is essays not my first language) but you are putting your convenience first, and it shouldnít be like that. PDF works fine and has more pros than cons for everyone. Taking you a bit longer to africa be able to comment on a pdf should not stop you or make you think pdf is capulet dead. My Self Image Essay. Maybe adapting to new things bothers you, but you can get used to it or find apps that help you deal with it. Thereís many pdf editors out there for iphone, android and essays, even browser. They are free. Essay. Use them and problem solved!

Not rude at essays, all Ana. Thank you for the helpful information. Donna. I also donít agree in my self essay, total. It depends where you apply! In South Asia there is many firm who ask you for essays your CV (asking for an opportunity with them) and they use it without your consent for EOI, Business Proposals and Bidding to qualify themselves.

Once they get the deal they never get back to you rather they start substitution process by research papers addressing interest of business sponsor. And when project goes in essays, trouble you can also be pulled off because you are in file. My Self Image Essay. Specially when this is Government sponsored Projects. Thus I think PDF still has space to ensure that the CV you are dispatching is not been used unauthorized. Thatís reprehensible.

However, if you read the comments, youíll see that the .pdf format provides you with scant protection from unethical behavior from capulet essays, others. Acrobat Reader, Preview, and Okular all support commenting and annotation in my self essay, PDFs. Those who have learned LaTeX, can precisely format a document such as a resume. While I have ďtotal controlĒ as you put it when creating a document in LaTeX, Iím more interested in capulet, the fact that the format does not frequently go all out of whack when I have to copy and happiness papers, paste sections. When I try to use one of the Word templates, getting the formatting right is a real struggle. The ubiquity of essays, MS Office is one of those peculiarly American things, like not using the metric system, writing month/day/year, or calling football ďsoccer.Ē My CV is written in happiness research, LaTeX so a word document is not going to come out of that. Do you suggest I cough up the $200 for Word (which Iím not proficient in) just to re-enter my CV? If a recruiter asks you for a Word document, I would give them one. You can probably find someone on O-Desk to do it for your for five or ten dollars.

P.S. I would love to capulet essays see your resume. If you would like, please email me a copy at I am a tech worker and recruiters in essay in anatomy, this field have a reputation of being completely non-technical. I do not trust a recruiter to represent my technical skills without ďexaggerating.Ē If I have a good recruiter who is working directly for a hiring manager, my resume will skip the HR screen and I will want to write my own resume in that situation. There are many things a dishonest recruiter can do with an capulet essays, editable resume. Making my resume a PDF is an easy way to make sure the wallpaper, recruiter canít edit email address so the client canít contact with me.

[BTW, my PDF resume converts BEAUTIFULLY to text, I made sure of capulet, it #128578; ] Hope you understand, Thank you for this. Image. You might ask your recruiter(s) if there are any honest tweaks that would make your resume stronger, but I understand your position.

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20 Teen Bedroom Ideas That Are Fun and Cool. The hanging bubble chair and fur rug allow for a teen and friends to hang out. Capulet Essays? Source: Heather Vaughn Design. Racism System? For the ultimate teen bed, hang it from the capulet, ceiling. Try a neon sign as the coolest teen wall decor, cause you only live once. This room has many elements all unified by bold color.

Fringe is the updated version of racism criminal justice system essay, beads for a teen#039;s room. Capulet? A wall mounted fish tank adds whimsy to a teen#039;s room. Image? A chalkboard wall for a teen is a perfect way to customize a room. Paint a wall a bold color and add removable wall decals for a graphic look. For a fun twist to teen wall decor, try a marquis light word. A custom grafitti mural adds a cool edge to a teen bedroom. If space is a challenge, skip the bulky bed and add a decal headboard instead. Floor pillows make a teenager lounge section cool and cozy.

Regardless of room size, designate spots for sleeping, work and hanging out in a teen room. Floor space challenged? Build up! This teen room has many great elements including a small study area and capulet a custom photo wall print. For the music loving teen, this room is simple and retro in feel. This high-design wall is a coat of seafoam paint and inexpensive polka dot wall decals by Wallpops. Image? Take a photo to capulet a custom printer and blow it up into a cool wall mural. A round bed is a cool element for a teen#039;s room. A custom wall print adds a modern graphic vibe to criminal system essay this teen room. If you#8217;re searching for teen bedroom ideas, think about what your teen loves and see their bedroom through their perspective. A teenager has a different view of capulet, a bedroom than an adult #8212; beyond a place to sleep, itís where a teen escapes from the racism criminal justice system essay, world of demands and capulet rules.

There are few places where a teen can express themselves unabashedly. The bedroom is the top choice. The beauty of being a teenager is that the world is statement online vs, their oyster. Their favorite things are diverse and sometimes discordant, but with some planning, all ideas can tie together beautifully. When brainstorming teen bedroom ideas, the most important thing to remember is that their bedroom is an expression of who they are. Todayís teenagers are design-conscious and capulet essays up to date on the latest trends.

But theyíre torn between childhood and adulthood. Most teens have beloved toys theyíre not ready to give up, but look for image essay a room thatís older and more sophisticated than their childhood room. A teen will most appreciate an approach to their room as their mini, self-contained apartment where they can spend most of capulet, their time comfortably. Regardless of size, a teenís bedroom needs to questions in anatomy be versatile enough for them to spread out and get homework done, hang with friends, lounge and sleep, all while reflecting their personality. Teen bedroom ideas should include functions specific to their age, as well as look great. While adults prefer a space thatís calm and understated, teens appreciate vibrant, high energy rooms. Essays? Keep the questions in anatomy, following teen bedroom ideas in capulet, mind. consider their room as more than just a sleeping space.

As they begin exploring their independence, having a room where they can hang out, study and image essay lounge with friends is almost more important to capulet essays them than sleep. Thesis Statement Online? And the capulet essays, social aspect of a room is big. My Self Image? A survey of global teenagers by found that the #1 thing a teen would add to their room is a poster of themselves with their friends. Essays? Work with your teen to wallpaper for sale africa creatively address the following areas in essays, their room: A sleep area A study area A place to image lounge with friends. If small space is an issue, use creative approaches to meet their multi-purpose room goal.

Some teen small bedroom ideas for creating a versatile, small space include: A vertically oriented study area. To recreate the look above, create a small surface for writing and make use of vertical space above and below the table surface for storage and other items Cork boards or magnetic dry erase boards can clear the small desk surface A small bench against the bedís footboard could be a good, versatile lounge Add a few throw pillows and a rug in a corner for capulet essays a lounge area if space is a challenge Place the bed lengthwise against a wall, daybed style. Add mosquito netting or fabric to happiness papers create an capulet, exotic lounge and my self essay sleeping combination Nix the bed frame and add a headboard decal on the wall to save space A sofa table is narrow enough to work on and makes a great desk for small spaces. While adults prefer a space thatís calm and understated, teens appreciate vibrantly colored, high energy rooms. The wall is the biggest area you can work with in a bedroom. Some of the capulet essays, best teen bedroom ideas involve the walls. Here are our favorite: Bright color A custom printed wall treatment Removable wall decals Custom paint or a graffiti wall treatment for an urban style Favorite words in neon or light marquis signs. Sedate and restful are good, general concepts for adult bedroom design, but teenagers prefer a bedroom thatís fun and a signature of who they are. The number one response to what personality aspect a teen wants to criminal justice system express through their room was ďcreativeĒ, while calm came in almost last. Bold, imaginative elements will excite a teen like nothing else.

Some unique teen bedroom ideas that add fun to a room include: A creative swing or hanging chair A hanging bed A wall mounted fish tank A round bed A chalkboard wall where they can express themselves (note: chalkboard paint is available in other colors besides black. Hot pink, cobalt blue and lime green are among the latest offerings) Teens love spending time in their rooms because they feel safe and comfortable. Naturally drawn to capulet essays feel-good fabrics and textures, be sure to add some touchy-feely elements in a room. Some ideas include: Flocked velvet wallpaper A faux fur rug Hanging curtains to divide the space Plush bedding Hang fringe Pillows of various colors and textures. Letís face it, teenagers and statement orderly rooms are a rare combination. Messy rooms seem to be a teenagerís rite of passage. Good storage options will be the essays, best feature they didnít think they needed but will appreciate.

Having places to keep all their stuff, even if itís as simple as quickly throwing them in a drawer or chest, keeps their room tidy quickly. Africa? Necessary storage items in a room include: Dressers Shelving Under-the-bed storage bins Storage benches or storage ottomans A cabinet wall around the bed. Make storage fun for your teen, just like you would for all teen bedroom ideas. Combining function with your teenís unique personality will create a space they will love for capulet essays years. Wallpaper For Sale Africa? 25 Room Design Ideas for essays Teenage Girls.

Diverse and Creative Teen Bedroom Ideas by wallpaper for sale Eugene Zhdanov. Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Idea for capulet essays a Small Space. Freshome may collect a share of sales from the following shops we love. The graffiti wall, bike wall and the loft ideas are really cool. A lot of teens would go crazy over online education, these rooms! These rooms are sophisticated enough to be enhoyed by eben an adult. I want to move in to the one with the floating bubble chair.

These rooms are awesome! Really love the capulet, graffiti wall and racism system essay blackboard wall; I think feature walls really make a room stand out. I have found some brilliant teen bedroom ideas recently, a great range to essays suit all budgets. Fashion Essay? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. See details.

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Constitutional Law Essay Answers. The following California Bar Exam questions are reprinted with permission of the essays, California Bar Examiners. The accompanying exam answers are written by Bar None Review. Use of these answers is for your personal bar review preparation and law school study only. The exam answers may not be reprinted or republished in any form without express written permission. A City ordinance enacted several years ago requires payment of an essay in anatomy annual tax of $500 by each household in City with two or more children. The tax applies only to people who have become residents of City since the effective date of the ordinance. Its stated purpose is to reimburse City in part for the additional public school expenses and costs of recreational facilities attributable to essays, the new residents. Paul and africa, Pat, husband and wife, became residents of City since the effective date of the tax ordinance and live alone with no children. They have filed suit against City in federal court for a judgment declaring that the ordinance violates their rights under the U.S. Essays? Constitution to essay questions in anatomy, familial privacy, to due process, and to equal protection.

During discovery, Paul and Pat revealed that they are medically unable to conceive a child and have applied to adopt twins. Although the court had ordered that this information remain confidential and all references to it were ordered sealed, Cityís attorney has disclosed the information in a press release. Paul and essays, Pat have amended their complaint to allege a third claim against City: i.e., that the disclosure by Cityís attorney violated their privacy rights under the U.S. Constitution, entitling plaintiffís to an injunction prohibiting further disclosures and allowing the in anatomy, court to impose sanctions for violation of its confidentiality order. City has moved to dismiss the entire complaint on the following grounds: (1) the plaintiffs lack standing to challenge the tax ordinance, and capulet essays, (2) that, in any event, none of the alleged constitutional rights claimed by Paul and Pat were violated by City. How should the court decide Cityís motion to questions in anatomy, dismiss? Discuss.

Answer A to Constitutional Law Essay 1. By moving to dismiss the entire complaint for lack of standing, the City has raised the capulet, issue of the justiciability of the dispute in federal court. In addition to standing, justiciability requires ripeness, that the issue is essay questions in anatomy, not moot, that circumstances do not require the federal court to abstain, and that no political question exists. Moreover, because suit is being brought against the City in federal court, it is useful to first consider whether the Eleventh Amendment will bar the claim. The Eleventh Amendment prohibits suits against states in capulet essays federal court unless the state has waived its sovereign immunity or Congress has conditioned the receipt of a benefit on consent to suit or enacted legislation under ß5 of the Fourteenth Amendment that allows suit against the states in federal court. However, the wallpaper for sale, Fourteenth Amendment applies only to capulet essays, the states, and not to local or municipal governments. Thus, the City cannot invoke sovereign immunity and of technology essay, the Eleventh Amendment does not block suit in capulet essays the federal court. In order for Paul and Pat to be considered proper plaintiffs they must have standing. Happiness? In order to have standing to sue Paul and Pat must meet the following three prong test: (1) they must have suffered an injury in fact; (2) be able to show causation; and (3) redressibility.

In order to have suffered an capulet injury in fact, Paul and Pat must raise more than a generalized grievance-that is, they cannot assert standing simply as taxpayers or citizens. Here, Paul and Pat have shown that though they are medically unable to have children, they have applied to adopt twins. Because the adoption of twins would bring them within the tax ordinance, and thus they stand to suffer an imminent injury in fact, they will have standing if causation and redressibility are met. The tax ordinance is obviously the questions in anatomy, cause of the injury Pat and Paul will suffer, and capulet, any chilling effect they already have suffered, and thus the causation requirement is of technology admissions, met. In order to avoid issuing impermissible advisory opinions, the court must find redressibility. In this case, striking the ordinance will redress the injuries Paul and Pat have and will suffer, and capulet essays, thus the redressibility requirement for standing is met. Where a plaintiff seeks pre-enforcement review of a statute, the court must consider whether the issue is ripe for papers review.

This requires the court to weigh: (1) the hardship in the absence of pre-enforcement review; and (2) the fitness of the issues and record for review. Because Pat and capulet essays, Paul are already seeking an research papers adoption and the case involves only questions of law for which the capulet essays, record is fit, ripeness will not be a problem. MOOTNESS, ABSTENTION AND POLITICAL QUESTION. None of happiness papers, these justiciability doctrines will bar suit on the given facts. Even if Pat and Paul ultimately do not adopt, and mootness thus becomes a problem, the capulet essays, issue (if not one capable of repetition and evading review) will surely be raised by another plaintiff. [2] CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGES TO THE TAX ORDINANCE. The issue is whether the Cityís tax ordinance that requires a $500 tax payment from africa, each household with two or more children is constitutional.

Paul and Pat have challenged the ordinance as violating their rights to familial privacy, to due process, and to capulet essays, equal protection. Each is considered in turn. There is no challenge based on the privilege and immunities clause of the wallpaper for sale africa, Fourth Amendment as there is no discrimination against out-of-staters. FAMILIAL PRIVACY: SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS. The challenge to the ordinance based on familial privacy is one which invokes the Fourteenth Amendment due process fundamental right of privacy. The Court has recognized a fundamental right of privacy under the due process clause that reaches the right to use contraception, to have an abortion, to refuse medical treatment, to direct oneís childrenís education, and essays, the like. PRIVACY INTEREST/STRICT SCRUTINY. If the tax ordinance implicates these same privacy interests, the ordinance will face strict scrutiny review-is the ordinance necessary to serve a compelling government interest-which is strict in fashion name and often fatal in fact.

Even if raising funds for education and recreation facilities were a compelling state interest, the ordinance is not necessary to the achievement of capulet, that interest. Thesis Vs? A more narrowly tailored ordinance would tax only essays those children who attend the public schools (as opposed to private schools) and who use the recreational facilities. In all likelihood, however, this statute would not be subject to strict scrutiny in the same way as would a statute that prohibited families from having more than two children or required sterilization after having two children. Instead, the Court will probably, at thesis online education vs, most, apply something akin to the undue burden analysis it has used in abortion cases since Casey to decide whether this tax places an undue burden on capulet, a familyís decision whether or not to have more than two children. If subjected to questions in anatomy, strict scrutiny, the statute will not survive a substantive due process analysis. If subjected to undue burden analysis or a lesser level of essays, scrutiny, the statute will likely survive.

In addition to happiness research papers, their substantive due process claim, Paul and Pat could raise a procedural due process challenge to the statute. Procedural due process prevents a liberty or property deprivation without due process of law-typically notice and a hearing. Such a challenge would not succeed in this context, however, where the city is not cutting off an capulet entitlement but is instead imposing a tax. Because there is no deprivation of wallpaper for sale in south africa, a liberty or property interest, there is no right to a hearing. Pat and Paul can identify several classifications within the ordinance that arguably run afoul of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. First, the ordinance draws a distinction between families with children and those without children. Second, the ordinance draws a distinction between families with only one child and capulet essays, those with two or more children.

Third, the online vs, statute draws a distinction between families with two or more children who resided in the city before the ordinance was passed and those who have since moved there. The biggest problem that Pat and Paul face in these equal protection challenges is that none of these classifications-those based on children, number of children, or duration of residency-will be enough to invoke more than rational basis review. Rational basis review requires only a legitimate state interest and means that are rationally related to that end. The Cityís fiscal interests are legitimate, and the imposition of a tax on families who place the greatest burden on and make the capulet, greatest use of the school and recreational facilities is rational. Even the duration of residence classification is rational, as the facilities may have been adequate for existing families but not for the increased strain of in south, new families that require new facilities. The only hope for an equal protection success is to invoke fundamental rights theory. Though education is not a fundamental right, the Court has recognized fundamental rights to travel and to capulet essays, vote under the Equal Protection Clause. If Pat and Paul could successfully equate durational residency requirements here with those for voting, they could subject the ordinance to strict scrutiny and have it stricken. Criminal Justice? Of course, durational residency requirements for voting touch more on the fundamental right to essays, vote than the right to domestic travel, and thus strict scrutiny is wallpaper for sale, unlikely in this non-analogous situation. And even if the ordinance were stricken, the capulet, City could simply enact a tax on all families with two or more children and still reach Pat and Paul. [3] INJUNCTION AND SANCTIONS FOR PRIVACY ORDER.

The final issue involves the constitutional validity of the courtís non-disclosure order and of the injunction against further disclosures. At the outset, it is essay questions in anatomy, important to note that the press has the same First Amendment rights as ordinary citizens, and that the government has no duty to open itself or its records to the press with the exception of capulet essays, trials, from which the press cannot be excluded. NON-DISCLOSURE ORDER AND SANCTIONS. Because the government need not make information available to the press, its non-disclosure order was permissible. However, if the court did not simply keep the wallpaper in south africa, information from the press-which it may not even have been able to do-but instead prohibited the essays, press itself from disclosing the information then, the Courtís order amounted to a prior restraint on speech. In order to be valid, a content-based restraint on speech such as this must survive strict scrutiny-meaning it must be necessary to serve a compelling government interest.

While the online education, government may have a compelling interest in protecting citizensí fundamental privacy interests, the courtís ability to order sanctions ultimately does not turn on the validity of essays, its order. Rather, under the questions, collateral bar rule, the City attorney (and the press, if the capulet, nondisclosure order included them), may be held in contempt without being able to challenge the racism justice system essay, validity of the essays, order. If the injunction applies only to the City attorney, it will likely be valid as a prior restraint on speech if the happiness papers, court finds the order necessary to compelling privacy interests. If applied to capulet, the press, a similar prior restraint analysis will be followed. Answer B to Constitutional Law Essay 1. In order to pursue a claim in essay federal court, Paul and Pat need to show that they are or imminently will suffer personally an injury which is redressable by the court. This is required for capulet essays the ďcases and controversyĒ requirements of Article III. Wallpaper? Here, Paul and Pat do not currently have children. In fact, they have only applied to adopt twins.

If they do not get twins, the city tax will not apply to capulet, them as it only affects new residents with two or more kids. However, if Paul and Pat can show that they will be able to get kids, they can show they have standing because they are new residents within the of technology admissions essay, tax law. In order to capulet, pursue a claim, Paul and Pat also need to show that the claim is ripe Ė that is, a full-fledged controversy is apparent and criminal essay, the record is complete enough for the court to review it. Here, the tax has not been applied to Pat and Paul yet and they are asking for a declaratory judgment. A court will grant a declaratory judgment only if: 1) the record will allow meaningful review, and 2) the hardship without review will be great. Here, if Paul and Pat can argue that the tax is dissuading them from adopting, then that could be a serious hardship. However, the City will argue that they suffer no hardship yet as their application is still pending.

The court will balance these arguments but will likely find they have standing due to capulet essays, the pending adoption, and the case is ripe, as they have enough information to see how the tax would actually work. Even assuming the court finds no standing, it is statement education vs, still necessary to go through the argument. The court should note that this is not an issue of taxpayer standing Ė which is generally non-justiciable. Paul and capulet essays, Pat are alleging personal injuries-in-fact. 2. ALLEGED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. a. SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS RIGHT TO PROCREATE. Paul and Pat can argue that the tax violates their fundamental right of privacy to essay, have children. This is fundamental per the U.S. Supreme Court, and as such is subject to strict scrutiny. This law can only be upheld if it is necessary to achieve a compelling government interest. But first, note that the state action requirement is capulet essays, not because this is for sale, a city directly taxing its citizens.

Also, the clause is in issue via the 14th Amendment. As noted, this law must meet strict scrutiny. Essays? The city must show there are no less restrictive ways of my self essay, accomplishing its goals. Here, the tax only affects new residents with two or more kids. The goal is to raise money for schools and recreation areas. While an important interest, it may not be seen as compelling. Certainly school revenue is compelling but recreation areas may not be. Essays? Additionally, it is not clear that the city is institute of technology, using the least restrictive means or that this law is necessary.

It could be that families with one kid cause increased costs or that many new residents send their kids to private schools. Essays? If so, this law does not meet its goal or affect the right people. There are other taxes available to the government, such as across the board property taxes which could accomplish similar results. Therefore, it is racism system, likely that the law could be struck down and therefore the motion to dismiss should be denied. b. EQUAL PROTECTION Ė CLASSIFICATIONS. The state action requirement is still met as discussed above. The EP clause applies to the states via the essays, 14 th Amendment. Questions In Anatomy? Paul and Pat can argue that this law denies them the equal protection of the laws. Here, there is a classification on the face of the law Ė it differentiates between old and new residents. Capulet? This classification must meet only a rational basis test, unlike other classifications like race and alienage, which are subject to happiness, strict scrutiny.

Here, Paul and Pat must show that the law is arbitrary and capulet essays, irrational Ė that it is not reasonably related to fashion institute, a legitimate goal. If the City has found new residents are adding to essays, these costs, then the law is also reasonably related to its goal. Therefore, the law would not be struck down on my self essay, this ground. c. EQUAL PROTECTION Ė RIGHT TO TRAVEL. The State Action doctrine is the same as discussed above. However, Paul and Pat can also claim that this tax violates their fundamental right to migrate state to state. The right to travel under the E.P. Essays? clause is essay, subject to the strict scrutiny clause mentioned above. Usually the right to travel between the states is involved, and here it is the right to migrate between cities that are involved. Thus, the city can argue that this right is not implicated by its terms. Therefore, this would not be a good argument for Paul and Pat to raise.

However, if the argument was found to have merit, then the same factors as discussed in the earlier strict scrutiny analysis would apply, and the law would likely be struck down. d. DUE PROCESS Ė ECONOMIC REGULATIONS. If Paul and Pat try to attack the tax as an improper economic regulation which denies them due process, they would again be subject to the rational basis test. Capulet? It would be their burden to show it is not reasonably related to a legitimate government purpose. For the reasons already stated, they would likely lose this argument, and thus it is not good grounds to challenge the tax. Paul and Pat can also argue that the tax denies them procedural due process. They need to show an intentional (or reckless) deprivation of a life, liberty, or property (entitlement) interest. Here, the city is not depriving them of essay questions in anatomy, their right to have children. They are simply taxing them. Taxes generally do not require much process.

Paul and Pat would not be entitled to a hearing because they have not suffered a deprivation due to the tax. f. FIRST AMENDMENT CONCERNS. Paul and Pat have amended their complaint to ask for an injunction to prohibit disclosures regarding their adoption. They would also like the court to sanction the City Attorney for violating the court order. The court ordered that all information regarding the adoption be kept confidential. This amounts to essays, a content-based prior restraint on speech. As such, it is subject to a strict scrutiny analysis. Wallpaper In South? Prior restraints on speech are presumptively invalid due to the chilling effect such a government regulation would have upon speech. In order to capulet, uphold a prior restraint the government must have a compelling governmental interest at stake. Here, it can be argued that the court was trying to protect Paul and Patís privacy and to prevent anyone from jeopardizing their ability to adopt twins.

As adoptions are becoming more difficult, and babies hard to come by institute admissions essay, (if they were adopting babies), then the order may be seen as serving a compelling interest. However, the City can argue that it was not necessary. Capulet? The court could have ordered redaction of names instead of a complete ban. However, because certain public documents like the complaint are already in in anatomy the record, redaction might not have been effective. Therefore, a good argument can be made that a ban was necessary. If the order is seen as necessary to achieve a compelling purpose, then the order was appropriate and capulet, should be upheld.

VIOLATION OF ORDER Ė COLLATERAL BAR RULE. If a prior restraint is proper, one may not violate it and then defend against punishment by asserting its unconstitutionality. This is called the Collateral Bar Rule. Of Technology Admissions? The City Attorney should have appealed the order instead of violate it. On the other hand, the government may not punish the dissemination of truthful information lawfully obtained. Here, the capulet essays, City Attorney published truthful information regarding Paul and Pat.

lthough it is a close call, the order will most likely be seen as invalid, the injunction will not be issued, and papers, the Attorney not sanctioned because it was the publication of truthful information. Therefore, the essays, Court will likely find that Paul and Pat have standing to essay, challenge the tax, and the Cityís motion to capulet, dismiss will be denied because Paul and Pat have alleged at least one ground for overturning the tax (violation of fundamental right to privacy protected by substantive due process).